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“And let’s give a round of applause to Anna Torv, who is no longer playing just two characters. She’s essentially on Olivias 3 and 4, Olivia and Alt-livia sans Peter, who are very different from the Olivia and Alt-livia who knew Peter.” - Why has she just not won 

Let’s not forget about Bellivia, Nicklivia, Altlivia-pretending-to-be-Olivia and Olivia-thinking-she-is-Altlivia.

And also, she’s the only actor who has chemistry with herself. I mean, what’s up with that?

I know it feels like Anna Torv is an underrated actor, and she IS, but I think EVERYONE notices how amazing she is. I look forward to everything she does in the future because she is immensely talented. I think she’s going to be around for awhile.

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Quinn has been writing letters to Rachel, but she hasn’t given her any of them. She writes and she writes, since sophomore year. Not every day, but like, every time something special happens.

Like… the first time that someone slushied her and Rachel didn’t back down, instead she kept walking with her head held high. Or … after their conversation in the hallway, during Quinn’s pregnancy.

The letter she wrote to Rachel after the Prom is especially lengthy. It’s the one where Quinn literally bares her soul. She talks of her dreams, her hopes, her fears, Beth. Everything she couldn’t tell in that bathroom, she says it in her letter.

It’s towards the end of the senior year - they’ve become short of friends - and Rachel visits Quinn for a project. Quinn has to run out of the house for a while, Rachel’s pen falls from her hands and rolls under Quinn’s bed, and that’s when she finds a box labeled “rachel”. Curious as she is, she takes the box out of its hiding place, she opens it and starts reading. And she reads. And  she reads.

Some letters are two sentences. Others are whole pages. But they all end with the same phrase. “I love you.”

When Quinn returns, she notices nothing different. She and Rachel spend their afternoon in peace.

It isn’t until Finn and Rachel break up *again* a few days later,that Quinn writes her another letter - because she’s still a bit hesitant about talking to her about her feelings, and once she opens the box, she notices the paper with her name on it.

When she reads it, there are only 4 words written on it. “I love you too.”

i am literally crying right now

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